Why we offer Thera-Tree® as a monthly service

We offer Thera-Tree® as a subscription service for a number of reasons. The first thing is evolving technology-- any subscriber gets the benefit of a trade up to newer technology as it develops. Subscribers will receive updated units as the technology evolves, and this would not be possible if purchased. Our earliest subscribers have already received several updated versions. 

Secondly, the Thera-Tree® can replace services that may no longer be necessary such as chiropractic or acupuncture treatments, calming supplements, joint injections or medications. Lastly, perhaps the best value of the Thera-Tree® is that for one monthly fee it can be used on multiple horses all in a given day, which can add to the savings when its use is spread across more than one horse. Also, though it is an equine product, we are hearing that many subscribers then take it home to be used on humans when it's not being used on horses. They are reporting better sleep, less back pain, and more energy, among other things.  

I always recommend to our subscribers that they keep the Thera-Tree® busy all day, every day. Because it's lightweight and easy to use, doesn't need maintenance or charging, its convenience factor adds greatly to its value. 

Keep in mind that the initial cost makes it easy to try for a month and for you to make your own determination as to its value for you. 

-Tad Coffin