Save Money: Compare Thera-Tree® to other therapies

Thera-Tree® is an affordable, easy to use device which can benefit your horse with a variety of back pain and muscular symptoms. It can be cheaper and easier to use than many other alternative therapies.



    Thera-Tree® is Affordable, Comfortable and Easy to Use


    • does not require constant monitoring, can be in constant use
    • wireless, no worries about cords being tangled or stepped on
    • no charging needed
    • no scheduling with practitioner, less farm call fees
    • horses can wear in stall, cross ties, while handwalking or trailering
    • horses can wear on top of blankets
    • not hot, heavy, or cumbersome, can be worn overnight
    • horses may lie down or roll while wearing device
    • $265 monthly subscription fee


    Other Therapies:

    • Bemer- $4950 to own
    • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnegnetic Field) device- $13,000-$19,000 to own
    • Theraplate $6,000 to own
    • Magnetic Blanket- $5,000 to own


    For an extended examination of the comparable costs, please click here.