The Tree:

A thermoformed acrylic alloy with unique geometric features, reinforced and tuned with an array of carbon fibers with over 24 axes of flexion.

The Panels:

Featuring laminations of multiple materials, ergonomically tooled for a highly complex flex modulus. 

The Result:

The accommodation of the horse's back in motion with electromagnetic response.


Benefits of SmartRideRx™

For you:

  • Improves horse’s response to rider aids
  • Alleviates rider back pain
  • Feel every bit of your horse’s movement and response
  • Sit the trot and canter like never before
  • Improves endurance and recovery time

For your horse:

  • Significantly reduces or eradicates back pain in 20-30 min
  • Improves cardiovascular functioning by up to 30%
  • Improves endurance and recovery time
  • Dramatically improves performance by reducing resistances
  • Creates unprecedented relaxation
  • Reduces the need for lunging
  • If used daily, helps maintain physical and mental wellness

Build a joyful, positive relationship with your horse!

Ongoing SmartRideRx™ Studies Demonstrate Neurological Benefits

The 2017 SmartRide Saddle Technology has consistently demonstrated a positive benefit to the horse’s cardiovascular system. This has been evidenced both in lower heart rates at rest and faster recovery rates after work.

Though our understanding of the mechanisms that make this possible is limited at this time, our current thinking is that a negatively charged electromagnetic field is impacting the vagus nerve, part of the parasympathetic nervous system. 

While plans are currently being developed for a formal study, Melissa Holland, DMV, DACVA conducted her own independent study to verify theses benefits for herself with her own horse. Click below to see her results.