Thera-Tree® User's Guide

Getting Started

Pick the Best Location:

Find a low traffic, quiet place for your first several sessions where distractions are minimized.

  • Horses can wear the device on the cross ties, stall, or when hand-walking. The cross ties should be long enough to allow the horse to lower his head and neck. While in their stall, hay may distract them but doesn’t interfere with impact.
  • Choose a place without people passing by to pet, offer treats, or interact with him socially. His stall may be better than the aisle at a high-traffic time of day.
  • When possible, choose a time of day initially when there is the less activity. Feeding time is not an ideal time for your horse to settle into deep relaxation.

Putting The Thera-Tree® On:

The Thera-Tree® should go on like a saddle.

  • Place the elastic straps on the Thera-Tree® through the web straps on the pad, with quilted white side down on the pad. Attach buckle of the Thera-Tree®  girth to the right side of the device.
  • Put the Thera-Tree®  on horse’s back, placed slightly forward on the withers, as with a saddle. Be sure the device is up at the base of the withers.
  • Standing on the near side of the horse, attach the second buckle and adjust the nylon web strap so that everything fits snugly. Check both sides to be sure that even tension is applied on each side of the girth. When horse is standing square, the girth should be about 2”, behind his elbow.
  • Check this placement after a few minutes, and reset the device if it has slid back once the horse relaxes and his body begins to change shape. Tighten again if necessary so that the device is snug and secure. It does not work on pressure points and there is no need to make the girth quite as tight as for riding, but it should not slide.
  • After the Thera-Tree®  is on, stand back and begin to look for ways that your horse is telling you the device is working.

Expect These Typical Responses:

Reaction time anywhere from 1-10 minutes

  • A quieting of movement, head lowering, heart rate lowering
  • Large slow eye blinks & eye closing
  • Focus becomes more introspective
  • Licking & chewing, yawning, lower lip twitching & drooping
  • Similar releases as seen with chiropractic and acupuncture treatment

How Long and How Often Should A Horse Wear a Thera-Tree® ?

You cannot leave it on too long; horse can comfortably wear it for 12+ hours a day.

Think of it as a trickle battery charger, imparting positive energy and well being to your horse. Length of time should vary in accordance of severity of condition.

  • For horses in work, minimum usage is several times a week for 20-60 minutes, 20 minutes pre ride or 60 minutes which can be divided pre and post ride.
  • For horses on stall rest, the Thera-Tree® can be left on for 12 hours or more. Daily use is recommended, 30-60 minutes several times a day. Time can be increased to longer or more frequent sessions for pain or behavioral management.
  • In cold weather Thera-Tree® can be used on top of blankets.
  • Can be used on wet horses after hosing or bathing.


Additional Uses For Thera-Tree®:

Use in special situations or to mitigate behavioral or handling issues. 

  • Ideal to help settle horses in to a new environment such as horse shows.
  • Lessens separation anxiety, kicking, pawing, stall walking.
  • Settles horse for vet or farrier visits. Best use before vet or farrier visits is to have the device on for 10-15 minutes prior to arrival of practitioner.
  • Can be worn during shipping. Check to ensure that Thera-Tree® has not slid or slipped.

Educate Your Friends 

People may be inquisitive.

  • Explain that your horse is experiencing an electromagnetic field which is providing therapy on a cellular level. 
  • Point out the physical signs that your horse is demonstrating that illustrate his relaxation as you keep a respectful distance and let him be fully at rest.
  • Suggest they visit the Thera-Tree® website at to learn more about the science behind its impact.

Observe Your Horse

Look for the signs of relaxation previously discussed.

If you do not observe any of these signs that your horse is having a relaxing therapeutic experience, be sure to call Tad immediately (434) 989-3229.