Thera-Tree® for backpain relief, performance, relaxation and recovery

What is Thera-Tree®?

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The Benefits of Thera-Tree®

Did your vet mention "Kissing Spine"?

Alleviates back pain and muscle soreness

Creates relaxation

Improves cardiovascular functioning by up to 30%

Improves endurance and recovery time

Lightweight - easy to use - no appointments with a practitioner

Reduces the need for longing

Reduces or eliminates use of calming supplements & pharmaceuticals

Safer environment for veterinary/farrier visits

Thera-Tree® As A Service

Technology gets updated all the time, Thera-Tree® As A Service gives you the opportunity to stay current by subscribing.

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Give Thera-Tree® a try. If your horse could talk he would thank you.

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“Since having Thera-Tree®
in the barn, I don’t want to ever be without it. It has been useful in a variety
of ways and is simple & convenient to use.
The horses love it!”

-Jenn Fessler, USHJA Certified Trainer
Thera-tree User's Guide- best uses

Thera-Tree® User's Guide

See our best use practices for getting the most for your horse.

See the User's guide

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