Thera-Tree® for back pain relief, performance, relaxation and recovery

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“Since having Thera-Tree®
in the barn, I don’t want to ever be without it. It has been useful in a variety
of ways and is simple & convenient to use.
The horses love it!”

-Jenn Fessler, USHJA Certified Trainer

 “The Thera-Tree® has been an all-around success and it’s been much more effective than anything else I have tried. This (Thera-Tree®) does the trick. Better than anything else by a country mile.”


-Zach Parks (Facebook post to Tad Coffin Performance Saddles-March 29. 2019)

"This is amazing! I started using Tad's Thera-Tree on a horse with kissing spine approx a month ago....and have noticed a huge difference in this horse's comfort level under saddle! He feels better than he has in a couple years! He is not having any other treatments for his condition either. I'm getting ready to order a saddle next. :) "

Ruth Zielaskowski- (Facebook post- April 24,2019)

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Kissing Spine before Thera-Tree®

No more Kissing Spine after Thera-Tree®

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