"More Effective Alternative Therapy than Anything Else" -Virginia Trainer Zach Parks

“The Thera-Tree has been an all-around success and it’s been much more effective than anything else I have tried.” -Zach Parks

This Virginia trainer has been using the Thera-Tree in his program for the past six months. The list of alternative therapies Zach has previously tried includes a Theraplate, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) treatments, magnets, acupuncture, and massage.

It is the Thera-Tree that has impressed him the most:
“This does the trick. Better than anything else by a country mile. It’s the whole nine yards. It’s made a difference to the horses in whole host of interesting ways, like longer stride length and less spooking.” Zach has 30 horses in his program. Of these, 6-8 are on a show program. These are the ones who have spent the most time in the Thera-tree. “You can definitely tell a difference between those on the Thera-Tree program and those that are not.” At home, each horse wears the Thera-Tree for about 45 minutes before they work. It means the device is constantly on a horse, but since it does not need supervision, it is less labor intensive to organize treatment sessions than any of the other modalities.

At the shows, Zach said he has a couple of horses that wear it all night long in their stalls. This has proven to make these horses more settled; they need less lunging, are less nervous in the schooling ring, and stand better at the gate. For the other horses he trains, he ideally times it so they wear it for an hour each, about 2 or 3 hours before they show. “There is a difference if they have been wearing it,” Zach says. “I can tell a difference at shows and also when they have had a few days off and/or no turnout. They come out and are less tense, less spooky, more responsive to my aids, and are all and all calmer.” “As far as magic cure-alls, I am a big doubter,” Zach says. “But the Thera-Tree has far exceeded all of the other things I have tried.” To try a Thera-Tree rental in your barn for a month and see for yourself what changes it can bring. Click here to sign up.
Instagram, March 29th 2019

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