The Science Behind  Thera-Tree®


A combination of materials, and the processes used in fabrication, as well as the geometry of the Thera-tree® create a piezoelectric effect. The charge generated in the Thera-tree® has been proven and measured with a Tektronix oscilloscope in the 40-60 mv range. This low-level oscillating voltage increases under load forces. One of the materials used is carbon fiber. Another is an acrylic alloy, which on its own demonstrates a quality called capacitance, meaning it has an ability to store voltage.

Impact Through Energetic Wavelength

We know the Thera-tree® emits a field of energy, about 9 cubic feet in size, extending above, below, front and back, and to the sides. It has a right and left hemisphere, divided down the center. These two hemispheres merge in front and back. It generates a gentle radiant energy, which has been confirmed by thermal imaging.    

Far Infrared (FIR)?

We are working to confirm the exact spectrum of this field, but we have reason to believe that it is in the far infrared (FIR) spectrum. It is interesting to note that FIR has been studied for having biological effects and medical treatment applications, such as infrared saunas. A 2012 US National Library of Medicine article from Harvard doctors Vatansever and Hamblin describes how “FIR light waves are capable of altering cells, cell membranes, DNA/proteins and cell fluids, including and especially water molecules. At the cellular level, altered cell membranes and mitochondrial activity take place, which positively impact the metabolism.”

The long term health benefits cited in this study match up with those observed in our test horses who have been experiencing this technology daily for 3 ½ years. These include significant improvements in hydration, skin quality,  muscle tone and recovery, joint flexibility, relaxation, digestive functioning, cardiovascular performance and lymphatic system circulation.

There is an emerging field of scientific research studying the interaction between light, water, biological functions and cellular health. New scientific theories from Gerald Pollack and Stephanie Seneff, among others, propose that the molecular structure of water is altered when infrared light, absorbed by water, creates zones of differential charge in the water which drive critical cellular functions throughout biological systems in the body.  Low level energy from a variety of sources is proving to be effective in promoting health and well being. Carbon is playing an increasingly important role in this field.

Resonance Coupling

The Thera-Tree® field seems to have a biological compatibility, creating a resonance coupling effect or field sharing with wave fields from other objects or individuals. The result is an increase in field size and strength, improving balance and stability. This is quite unique, and can be demonstrated through a variety of kinesthetic muscle strength tests. As the field has two hemispheres, wave field compatibility with various materials can be tested by introducing a variety of materials which may weaken or strengthen one or the other hemispheres in response to load forces.


The Future

There is much to be discovered in this area of emerging science. Some of our observations have led us to reasonable hypotheses that still have to be proven. While we don’t have all of the proof, this technology is predictable and results are repeatable. We continue to learn, explore benefits, best use practices, and other applications for this technology. Stay tuned.

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