Thera-Tree helps Gelding with Anhidrosis


At this time of year when we reflect on and express our gratitude I want to thank Tad Coffin, the great horseman, Olympian, inventor, and craftsman ( only a few among many other more important monikers ). He reached out to me when he heard that my thoroughbred gelding was suffering with Anhidrosis a condition of no sweating. When you live in South Florida and summer is eight months long this is a dangerous condition and I was sure my horse wouldn't make it through another summer. Mr Coffin explained that his Thera-tree is known to have many beneficial affects and he thought it might help. That is an understatement! From the first time “Doc” wore the TheraTree the benefits were obvious; relaxation, head lowered, gentle soft eyes, licking and chewing, deep breathing. But the real test would take months of wearing the Thera-tree and living normally. Can he survive the scorching temperatures and the blazing hot sun without overheating like the two summers before? My Vet gave no hope of any reliable treatment and I couldn't take the suffering I knew was coming; delirium, staring dry coat, the panting, the obvious discomfort of internal temperature near 105! There was none of that this past summer and the only thing that was different was the use of the TheraTree! Doc wore it at night and grazed outdoors all day just like normal. But there were more unexpected benefits that we experienced as well. Being a normal Thoroughbred Doc can be flighty and lack consistency in his performance but since using the TheraTree he seems so much more composed, able to concentrate, and comfortable in his work really connecting with me. He is integrated… his thoughts, his emotions, his movements all seem solidly together, comfortable and happy. The benefits of the TheraTree have been whole horse, you might say wholistic. I am deeply grateful to Tad Coffin for this new Technology that he has developed; I could see he is always striving for excellence in every detail. But more importantly I am grateful for his caring to improve the lives of horses and humans alike and his willingness to reach out to me, a stranger thousands of miles away with my beloved backyard horse pet who was in trouble. That is a true horseman and a very good man. Thank you again Tad Coffin.

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