Thera-Tree® enhances demeanor and ride.

Thera-tree on Finn

 A post from Marissa Brzescinski on facebook

Yesterday was a really amazing, eye opening, bucket list kind of day. I was incredibly fortunate and grateful to be able to host Olympic gold medalist Tad Coffin and his wife Kelly Wilkinson Coffin here at the farm for a day of education and real thinking outside the box as they demo'd Tad's "Thera-Tree" system. Seeing the effect it had on horses right here in the barn, including my own Finn was truly astounding. Watching it work within seconds...seconds! Finn's whole demeanor changed, eyes softened, back trying to bite while being tacked. 

Tad riding Finn

And then, the absolute highlight...watching Tad Coffin ride my horse! It was an honor and a joy and Finn looked fantastic under saddle with Tad. So much to process but really has made me start thinking about the things we do with our horses and the relationship we have with them and how we can improve that relationship dramatically. What a great experience it was to spend a day with passionate horse-folk who truly want to make horses happy in their work. A huge shout out and THANK you to Dr. José R. Castro for putting this day together and for letting me be a part of it all!

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