Thera-Tree® and SmartRide Rx helps Parson with anxiety

Parson wearing Thera-Tree®



A few words from our customer Mimi Kelly Csaltos:

For those of us who work really hard to make horses a part of our busy lives, I believe that Tad Coffin's technology can enhance our connection with our horses,the well-being of both horse and rider, and our precious barn time. Thank you for helping my daughter and me make our hopes for our horse, Parson, a reality! Here's our story of how SmartRide Rx and Thera-Tree have been game changer:

I purchased Parson about a year and a half ago as a mother/daughter project horse-- the goal was for him to eventually be a safe, reliable Pony Club partner for my 10-year-old daughter to grow with, and a fun, relaxing mount for me, too. We soon realized that the quiet, demure draft cross we purchased was holding onto a good deal of anxiety, at least some of which was prompted by back pain. Along with a variety of resistant behaviors under saddle, he wiggled and worried for the farrier, and he did not want to get on the trailer under any circumstance.

Around the time I began thinking that we may need to look for a different horse to meet our family's needs, we were introduced to SmartRide Rx technology and the Thera-Tree-- thank goodness! Since we began riding Parson in a Smart Rx saddle and integrating the Thera-Tree into his routine, putting it on for any activity that he has found stressful in the past, the difference in his attitude and rideability has been striking. Now he sincerely seems to enjoy and find contentment whenever my daughter and I are working with him, and he responds to our aids with good cheer and willingness rather than resistance. After just two trailer training sessions while wearing the Thera-Tree, Parson was self-loading, which I didn't imagine we'd ever get him to do-- pictures attached as evidence!


Parson wearing Thera-Tree® while calmly loading into the trailer.


I also want to add that issues I had previously had with my own back pain during and (especially) after riding have disappeared... my back now feels better on days when I've ridden than days I've not made it out to the barn.

My daughter and I are so thankful that SmartRide Rx and Thera-Tree are helping to improve our work with Parson and the time we get to spend together at the barn!

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