Thera-Tree and Freed of Charge: A Testimonial from Betsy Smith

 Betsy Smith

“We are living in strange times, searching for answers to our health and wellness for all of mankind. The wireless devices we use daily have been unanimously accepted as a necessity in our lives. Wifi enables us to reach to the far corners of the planet and beyond with the push of a button. It is important to consider the possibilities that “unseen” energy has for healing.

Here is my story:
I am a Farm Manager & Horseperson, who has been riding in a Tad Coffin saddle since 2000. Tad’s innovations with his saddles have always been an inspiration. Not unlike Capt. Frederico Caprilli, who revolutionized the “Forward Seat” and formed the modern-day technique used by all jumping riders today. He has created a saddle, and brought saddle design out of the Draconian era and into modern times, and it’s what you cannot see with the naked eye that has made all the difference.

His latest invention, the Thera-Tree®, is like a mini version of the tree he puts in his saddle. The Thera-Tree® emits an electromagnetic field, which has a calming, relaxing effect on horses of all breeds and ages, as documented by video.
I had a pretty horrendous fall out foxhunting last December where I went sailing through the air landing directly onto my lower back onto pavement. Being middle aged with 40 years of riding horses, you know that it’s not if, but when these accidents can occur. Bruising and tremendous swelling occurred, x-rays were taken, probable cracked lumbar but the Dr. wanted to do lots and lots of tests. I knew that Time was going to be my Dr., and I was going take charge of my own recovery. In the beginning I could not make it up a flight of stairs.

Tad recommended sending a Thera-Tree® to help with my healing. He gave me a few suggestions on how it has been used for humans.

The initial swelling, numbness, then pins and needles pain, sciatica pain, all a tedious healing process which I believe has been shortened by the use of the Thera-Tree®. I place the Thera-Tree® on my nightstand by the bed and couch and wherever I go in my vehicle. It has helped immensely with my recovery. The energy it emits calms me when I’m feeling stressed out and unable to work.

I had used Thera-Tree® on all of our horses and each one showed positive effects which included relaxation and softening of their musculature. So I knew there was definitely something there. Thera-Tree® has also helped loosen the tight muscles and tendons of my back, especially on a cold, raw, damp day. Sometimes I forget to bring it with me at bedtime and the next morning I regret it. In order to be our best, muscles need to be strong but supple and that is what using Thera-Tree® helps with.

Thera-Tree® has multiple uses. I use it to charge the liquids and the foods that I eat & drink, which helps with free radicals and healing. I have a glass pitcher that I fill with water and place the Thera-Tree® next to it for about ten minutes and then put the pitcher in the fridge to help with charging the food. For the science aspect of "structured" or "fourth phase" water, see the links that Tad provides on his website.

Tad’s continuous testing of his design revealed another discovery, that grounding is an important component to healing with sensitive, reactive horses and humans. His latest product, Freed of Charge, used in conjunction with Thera-Tree® has also been put to good use. He shipped me Freed of Charge for discharging the horse equipment and an additional copper infused belt which I plug into a grounded socket in the wall for a few minutes a day. By discharging negative energy that builds up in us and makes us feel anxious and tight, the Freed of Charge helps to displace the energy away from the body, thereby creating a more relaxed horse and human. With daily use of the Thera-Tree® and Freed of Charge, I have improved physically and mentally. I am back to riding my horses and appreciating each day.

I highly recommend Tad Coffin Performance products, because we could all use a little extra help when our world gets tipped on its side. I am grateful to Tad for his dedication to improving the health of all horses and people. Thank you for helping to keep us all calm, and relaxed and able to handle life’s challenges.”
-Betsy Smith

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