Thera-Tree® therapy happily used on horse, cat, dog and human


I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with all of you about an incredible product that is very beneficial to both horses AND people, including myself. The amazing new product that I am talking about is the Tad Coffin Thera-Tree. I have personally experienced some very positive and eye opening observations with the Thera-Tree, and I want to share my experience with you!

Let me back track just a bit... I have been a huge believer and user of Tad Coffin Saddles for nearly 20 years now. Tad Coffin is not only an Olympic Gold Medal Equestrian, but he is an incredible horseman that has spent many years working on developing the best products on the market to promote health and well-being in our equine friends. His saddles are designed with both horse and rider comfort and performance in mind. His saddles allow horses more freedom and movement throughout their shoulders and spine. A more comfortable horse means a happier horse, and we all want to see our horses healthy and happy! His saddles can also allow riders to be more comfortable in the saddle as well, along with the ability to have a “feel” of the horse beneath them like never before. As we all know, an ill fitting saddle can be detrimental to our four legged partners and can cause tremendous pain. The last thing we want is to see our horses suffering in pain. Ill fitting saddles for riders can also cause pain and a feeling of being “disconnected” from their horse.

Those of you that know me well also know about all of the difficulties I have dealt with regarding my back. It has been a long, frustrating struggle. I have suffered from back pain for 21 years after being in a horrible car accident at the age of 14. It was debilitating even as a teenager while still riding as a junior. Within the last 5 years, my pain worsened to a whole new level. I had a herniated disc (L5-S1) along with some other ailments. I have had more MRIs than I can keep track of, countless spinal injections, a lumbar rhizotomy (nerve ablation), 3 back surgeries (two of those being 3 days part in December 2018), etc. It’s felt like a never ending nightmare, especially this year after my surgeries 7 months ago. Unfortunately, even this far out from my most recent surgeries, I am worse than I was prior to having them. Going from someone who has always pushed through the pain throughout a majority of my life to literally feeling like my life has come to a complete halt has been gut wrenching. I have always been a fighter and not a quitter. Having to rely on someone to help with every little daily thing because I cannot physically do it myself is difficult. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband that has been by my side through the hardest times. I finally gave in a little and allowed him to help me when needed. That was not easy, especially when I knew I should’ve been feeling better by a certain time after surgery. When things actually started getting worse, I began to worry about what was really going on. The optimism was still there, but some days the fear of never improving was more evident. Even with the not-so-great news I continue to receive from my doctors over the past 7 months, most recently with getting results from an MRI I had last week, I continue to remain optimistic that I will get back in the saddle. Actually, let’s change that to I WILL RIDE AGAIN!

Close to one year post op from my first back surgery in 2016, I decided to get back in the saddle, with the ok from my doctors of course. 😉 I have loved Tad Coffin Saddles for many years not just because I notice a huge positive improvement in my horses, but also an added bonus of comfort for myself. After sitting in a Tad Coffin Saddle for the first time 20 years ago, I knew that I would never be able to sit in another saddle again. It truly made that much of a difference for me! So when it came time to swing my leg over a horse after my first back surgery, I was looking forward to sitting in my trusty Tad Coffin Saddle once again. His saddles are so amazing, and there is no way I possibly could have ridden in anything else. Any other saddle would have caused me additional pain. However, Tad Coffin Saddles allow me to ride as comfortably and pain free as possible. I am a fan and believer for life!

The Thera-Tree is Tad’s newest piece of technology that every single person and horse can benefit from with its use. This amazing product puts off an electromagnetic field (without the need for wires or bulky, heavy equipment) that works to increase the 4th phase of water in our bodies, which in turn promotes reduced pain/inflammation, increased relaxation, and overall health. This miraculous device is small enough to carry around in my purse, but the benefits are huge.

So, what is this 4th phase of water? Dr. Gerald Pollack discovered this scientific breakthrough. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. It’s not the liquid water we normally think of, but rather a gel-like water that surrounds all of the cells in our bodies. When we drink good old H20, our bodies go through a process to change it to this 4th phase of water. The Thera-Tree can cause an increase in the much needed gel water within our bodies to promote healthy function and healing. It can also change the water we drink or the water found in fresh fruits and vegetables into the vital gel water. So, we can bypass the internal process of changing it from liquid to gel by changing it in the things we consume in our diets before drinking/eating them. Wow!!! How amazing is that??? I highly suggest searching for more information regarding Dr. Pollack and his scientific breakthrough to further understand the importance of the 4th phase of water. It’s very intriguing!

Tad has offered to help me on my journey to a healthy lifestyle with less pain by allowing me to try the Thera-Tree. I am honored that Tad wants to help me! Let me just say that over the past month of using it, I have noticed some incredible things happening. This is just the beginning! I have seen better results with the Thera-Tree than I have with any of the dozens of medical procedures I’ve had done on my back over the past 5 years. I always have it with me at all times within arm length. It goes with me in the car, into restaurants, while shopping...everywhere. People might wonder why I’m carrying around what appears to just be a mini saddle with me everywhere I go. Well, because I am seeing amazing results, I want to keep this little miracle worker by my side so it can continue to do its magic.

So far, I have noticed less pain especially when the Thera-Tree is in direct contact with my back, relaxation, stress/anxiety reduction, and a huge improvement of general well-being. I sit every glass of water that I drink by the Thera-Tree for 20 minutes if possible (sometimes less, but like to leave it as long as I can) to change it into a more useful state for my body (I do the same thing with the water that our 3 dogs and 2 cats drink too!), put our food by it, and even shower with it close by.

I would say that the biggest improvement I have seen in myself is a reduction in pain at night, especially before bed. Normally I am in so much discomfort when showering at night and getting ready for sleep that I don’t look forward to crawling into our super comfortable bed. I am so tense, stiff, and painful that even something as simple as washing and shaving my legs makes me want to cry. Yes, it’s that ridiculous. Now, I don’t dread showering and bedtime anymore. I can do such simple tasks now without being in borderline tears! It might not seem like such a huge feat for some of you, but for me, it is remarkable. I have noticed so many positive things within this past month, and I know I will notice many more as time passes.

When I got my MRI results from my neurosurgeon’s PA on Friday, I was told he wanted me to get a facet injection and most likely do another surgery if I didn’t find relief from the injection. I have no desire to do either, since both options haven’t helped me at all over 5 years. Why would they help now, especially since I’m even worse off than I have ever been? The surgeries in December were downright horrific. The pain at the time and over the past 7 months has been unimaginable. The last thing I want to do is go through that again.

Thanks to the incredible Thera-Tree, I have decided that I would like to see where that takes me rather than jumping back into yet another medical procedure. I am sticking with something that I have actually seen positive results from versus options that have not helped me yet. Seems logical to me! I’m so excited to continue seeing such positive results, and I know that I will be back in the saddle by the end of 2019!

Finally, I wanted to talk about the changes I have seen within our 5 fur babies (3 dogs and 2 cats) over the past month. I make sure that their water always sits by the Thera-Tree prior to adding it into their water fountain. I have noticed some incredible things such as more mobility, decreased arthritis pain/stiffness, reduced symptoms of a chronic disorder, and more relaxation during high stress times such as during thunderstorms, traveling, and going to the vet’s office. Our youngest dog Lexi (although she’s 10.5 years old now) absolutely LOVES the Thera-Tree. She completely melts and every muscle in her body relaxes within 30 seconds of the Thera-Tree being placed beside or on her. Plus, she is spending more time by my side because the Thera-Tree is always close by me. I know she loves me, but now I think she’s just using me to get closer to the Thera-Tree. 😉 That’s ok, because I know it’s helping her! Normally she is an anxious traveler and likes to be “that dog” at the vet by barking nonstop and being a nervous, scruffy ball of energy. Now, she travels in the car without having her usual panic attack. I took her to the vet for the second time in a few weeks last Friday, and she was the most well behaved and relaxed she has ever been while there. Needless to say, it made things easier for all of us! I’m thrilled to see a happier and less nervous Lexi! Our youngest cat, Moo, suffers from Feline Urinary Syndrome. It is very difficult to treat. However, we have seen an improvement with her and a reduction in symptoms since she started drinking water transformed by the Thera-Tree. She is actually urinating daily, whereas before she would go maybe once every few days. She has been on a prescription diet along with meds. Even with those changes, she would still experience UTIs or an inflamed bladder. Watching our little Moo be so sick has been extremely difficult to watch. We hope that using the Thera-Tree water will give her a body the boost it needs to improve. Hopefully she will soon want to spend time around the Thera-Tree itself because I think that could help her even more. Moo is a very opinionated cat, and she will only do what she wants to do. We’re taking baby steps with her, but hopefully in the near future she will want to curl up next to the Thera-Tree more once she realizes how much better it will make her feel.

Thank you for reading my personal experience with the Thera-Tree and amazing benefits it has to offer. I will continue to update you all on my findings and progress. I would love for you all to be a part of this journey with me! If you, your horse or other animals are suffering from pain, PLEASE reach out to Tad Coffin about the Thera-Tree or go to to learn more. I promise, you won’t regret it. The Thera-Tree could be life changing for you just as it has for me!

Thank you, Tad Coffin!!!

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