Staying Hydrated While Traveling

Will Coleman on Using the Thera-Tree
"One of the most amazing benefits about our experience with the Thera-Tree is how it affects our top horses when they are traveling. Wearing the Thera-Tree on their journey not only assists in making the horses more relaxed through the anxious processes of trucking and flying, but the amount our horses drink throughout their journeys is staggering. Staying hydrated is obviously a critical element not just of performance, but of the horses' systemic wellness.
We have much greater peace of mind shipping our horses in the Thera-Tree for all these reasons. My top horse, Off The Record, went back and forth from Europe twice in six weeks this summer, all while maintaining a rigorous training and competition regimen in the interim between trips. He did all these trips with just the Thera-Tree; no additional IV fluids or hydrating methods. Just the Thera-Tree and a bucket of water. He drank amazingly well and performed brilliantly."
-Will Coleman
Tad adds: Anyone interested in improved hydration would be well advised to read Professor Gerald Pollack's excellent book "The Fourth Phase of Water" or to catch one of his many YouTube videos on the same subject.
Here are some links:
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Stephanie Seneff – The Mineral Power for the Body’s Electrical Supply

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