Canadian 3 Day Team uses Thera-Tree at 2018 WEG


Dear Mr. Coffin,

On behalf of the World Equestrian Games 2018 Canadian Eventing Team I would like to thank you for sharing your invention with us. As Equine Therapist for the team I incorporated the use of the Thera-Tree both pre and post exercise on our team horses.

We found the devise to be extremely well tolerated by all of our horses. Typical signs of relaxation were similar to what I would observe when performing chiropractic or acupuncture treatments.

Riders reported their horses would warm up quicker and seemed more relaxed in their work. Grooms liked the ease of the application of the Thera-Tree and often used it when braiding as the horses would often lower their heads and would fall asleep while wearing the Thera-Tree.

When used post exercise the device seemed to aid in muscle recovery and hydration.

The fact that the Thera-Tree is so compact and light weight required no power source made it much more appropriate to use, given the heat and humidity we experienced at Tryon, than the larger more cumbersome therapy modalities such as the electro-magnetic blanket.

The Thera-Tree’s ease of application and simplicity of use made it a fought over device amongst our team members.

This unique technology was very well received by equine and human athlete alike and for this we truly appreciate your introducing your invaluable device to our team!


With warm regards,


Usha Knabe DVM, CVA, CAC, FEI, PTV and PET

Sept 30th 2018


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