Pago and the Thera-Tree

Here’s the story of a horse named Pago, Dr. Castro’s patient, in his owner’s words:

 “Pago” & The Thera-Tree~ from Melissa Walker

 “We have had mind blowing progress since beginning use of the Tad Coffin Thera-Tree! I honestly don’t have enough good words to describe the positive changes that we have seen over the last month. Pago is truly a different horse! His medical issues, ulcers, and anxiety made him almost completely unrideable, and now he is not only rideable again, but he is thriving and learning.

 There is quite a bit to Pago’s story, but mainly his anxiety was just out of control. So much so that he developed new ulcers while being on vet prescribed treatment for existing ulcers. (He was scoped every 28 days for multiple months of treatment). Pago became practically unrideable for months and months. Under saddle he spooked and bolted nonstop. My daughter went from jumping courses to not even being able to walk/trot for 20 mins because he became so worked up. He has always suffered from anxiety and we noticed that when he has active ulcers, his anxiety is almost unmanageable. Healing the ulcers was difficult because without getting his anxiety under control, the ulcers would just come back immediately after treatment.

When we began using the Thera-Tree in March, we immediately noticed a dramatic improvement of his anxiety. Pago is calmer and more focused. While he still does worry, he is able to work through it much faster and is now trainable again. He went from barely able to be ridden, to now being ridden for an hour each lesson and not only walk, trot, canter, but is able to jump again without bolting after the jumps.

 He wears the Thera-Tree while trailering and at vet appointments. We have noticed improvement in his behavior everywhere we go when he wears the Thera-Tree. Going to the vet used to be an ordeal because we couldn’t even get him on the trailer or then into the exam room. And once he was in there, he ran around in a circle the whole time. So, it was HUGE that last week, he calmly walked into the exam room and didn’t move the entire time he was examined. Dr. Castro said he had never even seen Pago so relaxed during a vet visit. He actually started falling asleep with no sedation.

 The farrier, too, has been shocked by the improvement in Pago’s behavior. We didn’t tell him anything about it and so he was wondering who in the world the horse was that was standing quietly for the first time while getting shoes today.

 The cost of the pharmaceutical protocol was astronomical: brand-name omeprazole for a tube a day for the initial 28 day treatment of ulcers is roughly $981. For the daily dose, it is roughly 6 tubes a month at $35 a tube, so $210 a month. Pago has been treated for ulcers 3 times in the past year, and has lived on the daily dose for several months. By comparison, the Thera-Tree rental is less than $9 per day and when circulated on horses throughout the barn, it treats many horses in the same day for the same money. Having gone through this with Pago, I’d say a tool to prevent ulcers is invaluable! I wish I had known about the Thera-Tree earlier.

My daughter is now so excited to work with Pago. He is becoming better and better every day now that he is able to focus and really concentrate on what she is asking of him. He has stopped being worried about leg pressure and corners, and collection, and bending, and scary things that have been there the whole time but are only scary after 20 mins (lol). He has grown by leaps and bounds already and I am so excited that with the Thera-Tree, we have the tools and program in place to finally be able to enjoy our horse and train him to his full potential.”

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