Off the Record (Timmy) uses Thera-Tree day to day

Posted @withregram • @willcolemanequestrian Aachen is a new venue for Off the Record (Timmy) and we don’t want to speak too soon but his behavior has been top tier. Many of you may have noticed a new piece that he carries with him wherever he goes, which is the Tad Coffin Thera-Tree. Whether he is in stall or out for a graze, he is wearing it. The Thera-Tree has a multitude of benefits due to the electromagnetic phenomenon created by the combination of the materials used, the manufacturing processes, and the device's geometric features. Within minutes of wearing the Thera-Tree Timmy is visibly more relaxed. The Thera-Tree also keeps his groom @haileyburlock busy filling water buckets because of the hydrating effect it has! You will be seeing a lot more of the Thera-Tree!

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