Looking To The Future and Healing The Present

Looking To The Future and Healing The Present
Marianne Taylor

At 5 AM this past Wednesday, Tad and Kelly Coffin (plus 5 Thera-Trees, a Tad Coffin Performance Saddle with SmartRideRx technology, its fittings, a ‘Freed Of Charge’ equipment discharger, and a bag of healthy snacks) stopped in Charlottesville to add me and my bag of not-so-healthy snacks to their cargo for a one-day trip to Southern Pines, North Carolina.

The trip came about when I saw a post from Holly Carter on her Thoroughbred rescue’s - The Winter Farm, OTTB Rescue And Retirement – Facebook page for a handsome 16.0 hand brown 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding that Team Valor had just donated. The Grade-1 Stakes-Placed, “High Hours”, had been Champion Turf Horse Of Brazil before coming to the United States. He had only raced a total of 18 times in both countries and was out of the money just once before retiring 100% sound. He last raced on July 18, 2019 when he was third at Gulfstream. I was hoping that “High Hours” was a horse with all the qualities of a champion that would get Tad competing, again.

Fast forward just a few days and we were on our way to see “High Hours” and to see how the other horses in Holly’s barn benefited from the 3 products that Tad has spent the last 25 years developing – the Thera-Tree, the Tad Coffin saddle with SmartRideRx technology, and the ‘Freed Of Charge’. Each of the products reduces pain, stress, and anxiety in horses which leads to optimized performance.

The SmartRideRx technology represents significant advancements in a more biomechanically sympathetic piece of equipment helping horses to use their backs. There is an additional, unique electromagnetic component. Together the improvements in performance for horse and rider are noticeable in terms of relaxation, balance, stride length, straightness, pain relief, soundness and overall wellbeing.

The Thera-Tree, based on SmartRideRx technology, is a non-riding, saddle-like device for therapy, relaxation, pain relief, and performance. When placed on a horse's back, the horse demonstrates signs of physical relaxation - quieting of movement, blinking of eyes, stretching the jaw, and sometimes the whole body. After 20-30 minutes, the Thera-Tree consistently and significantly alleviates equine back pain and sore muscles, reduces stress, anxiety, tension and improves recovery and hydration. It also works very well on people (as I have proved) plus dogs and cats.

Tad’s latest product, ‘Freed Of Charge’, is an equestrian-equipment grounding system that removes the build-up of negative energy from saddles, bridles, pads, girths, stirrups, boots, etc. Many difficult horses ridden in equipment that has been grounded or freed of ‘charge' are significantly more relaxed and confident and seem to abandon many deep-seeded resistances.

With only 36 hours advance notice, a great group of enthusiastic horse owners and trainers gathered at Holly’s farm in Southern Pines to hear Tad discuss his products and watch as he put the products on two of the Thoroughbred horses at the rescue.

The first of the horses was “High Hours” (description above). The second horse goes by the name of “Robbie”. He is 15 years old and has not been ridden in 7 years because he got so he would do nothing but run sideways with someone on his back. “Robbie” is everyone’s dream Conformation Hunter except for the fact that he is now 15 and in the past, couldn’t be ridden. He’s about 16.3 with the most correct set of legs under him that I have seen in many years, a beautiful head, neck, and body, plus he is a lovely mover. It’s a shame that Robbie, Tad, and the Thera-Tree did not meet 7 years earlier.

Tad put each horse through the same routine. First, they stood in a crosstie for about 20 minutes with a Thera-Tree on, while in the tack room, Tad discharged all the equipment he would use while riding of the bad energy that has been found to affect horses negatively – the saddle, saddle pads, girth, stirrups, Tad’s boots, riding hat, gloves, and the bridle. The discharging of each piece of equipment took less than two minutes using the ‘Freed Of Charge’ that Tad has developed. As the horse stood in the crosstie, we could see the horse quiet their movement, blink their eyes, lower their head, and generally just relax.

Next, Tad removed the Thera-Tree and tacked up each horse with nothing more than a bridle with an eggbutt snaffle bit and Tad’s saddle with the SmartRideRx technology (which is the same as the technology in the Thera-Tree).

Each horse walked quietly to the mounting block (about 50 feet from the barn) and stood while Tad mounted then walked off toward the large round pen. Nice and quiet. No antics from either horse. Having worked with a lot of off-the-track horses in my lifetime, I was amazed at how well these two horses behaved. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The horses each went quietly with their ears up as Tad rode them at a walk and a trot in both directions in the round pen all the while talking to the crowd and educating them further on his products for about 15 minutes. He then had someone open the gate and rode each horse to a big paddock that was about 100 yards away. They walked quietly as if they were old made pleasure horses and this was a trip they made every day although neither had been that way before. Once in the big paddock, each horse walked and trotted, quiet as could be.

As Tad was working with the horses, I was getting Thera-Trees on people that had aches and pains. Each of them were amazed how in just 15 minutes, the Thera-Tree had them feeling better. At least 75% of the attendees leased a Thera-Tree. Some for their horses. Some for themselves. Some for both their horses and themselves.

The whole day was truly amazing! My day started at 4 AM and ended at 3 AM but my health held up and I felt like a worthwhile horsewoman again plus we came home with a really nice horse! “High Hours” is for Tad to bring along and start competing, again. He’s such a nice horse with a wonderful mind that Tad said that he’ll be the one that I’ll ride when I’m ready. I’m getting close.

More on “High Hours” in a separate post.

Holly Carter has a lovely group of off-the-track Thoroughbred horses for adoption at her The Winter Farm, OTTB Rescue and Retirement, in Southern Pines. Give her a call if you want a new horse. To me, there is no breed as great for all disciplines as a Thoroughbred.

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