Ken Chapman uses Thera-Tree® for more than his horse

Here is a testimonial sent to us from a Thera-Tree® user who uses it on himself, says "everything improved!"



“Most of us have heard the wonderful results of Tad Coffin saddles and his Thera-Tree on the comfort and demeanor of horses. I am here to tell you the Thera-Tree works just as well on me. I was an active fox hunter, 3 days a week. After a horse fall in 2015 put me in the hospital, I felt I would never ride again. I could not walk to the barn, four minutes, do farm chores, much less ride. I had an extreme shortness of breath. This lasted three years.

“Tad’s innovative thinking got me wearing the Thera-Tree comfortably. In the first week my energy level was going stronger. Everything improved after that. My energy level doubled, my comfort level improved 10 times and I can ride 4 days a week. I believe Thera-Tree is the “real deal!” 
( ps: I halved my prescription pill costs!)
-Ken Chapman

To read more about Thera-Tree®, visit Though designed as a device for horse pain relief, muscle recovery, hydration and relaxation, many of our subscribers use the Thera-Tree® on horses during the day and then bring it into their homes at night. But some Thera-Tree® users do not even have horses! If you’re curious to see for yourself what changes it can make in your life, give Tad a call at (434) 989-3229 to discuss your situation-- just as Ken did-- and Tad was able to make a special harness for him. You can also simply sign up online to try a Thera-Tree® for a month. It’s available as a contract-free month-to-month subscription service after a refundable deposit.

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