Mature Horse Improving Movement with Thera-Tree

Note from Thera-Tree customer Theresa Perez:
“Hi Tad
Odie is my 20 year old thoroughbred. He has Cushings and arthritis in his neck and hocks. I have been using your Thera Tree on him since May 11th. I absolutely can see/tell a difference.
Odie has been drinking and peeing/pooping so much more, which is fantastic. I used to have to give him electrolytes. He no longer has wind puffs and is going really well. Also he always would try and pull away from me whenever I would pick up his right front to pick his feet. He stopped doing that within 10 days.
I use the grounding girth on an average of six days a week and also ride him in one of Tad’s saddles. We take weekly flat lessons and my trainer who has known him for 15+ years is always commenting on how well he is going and how good he looks.
I really appreciate Tad always answering all of my questions and his total dedication to all horses.
Thank you for all you do!”
-Theresa Perez
If you’re curious how the Thera-Tree might help your horse, you can learn by calling Tad Coffin at 434-989-3229.

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