A high strung mare benefits from Thera-Tree®

Zangersheide mare using Thera-Tree


 This post was taken from tadcoffinsaddles on instagram

“One of my boarders, Lisa, on using the Thera-Tree with her high strung Zangersheide mare, Celina Z: "It's AMAZING!"... We found It's allowed her to relax and focus on the communication between her and her rider. They warm up better and faster. She's more supple and free moving. She's way less anxious about jumping, and the recovery time at the end of their ride is much faster.”
-Melissa Brzescinski

 The device is available for month to month rental with no contract. For further questions or to get the benefits of a Thera-Tree for a horse you know, give Tad a call at 434-989-3229.

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