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Thera-Tree ® and the copper grounding

Thera-Tree ® with its Freed of Charge Grounding Girth



Tad’s most recent work on “grounding” horses and the equipment we use for riding is as important than any other discovery he’s made.
For some horses, being “grounded” has been a very profound turnaround from puzzling, mysterious, and even dangerous behavior. Tad has found that grounding horses with troubles that remain unexplained after multiple veterinary workups and treatments has made an astonishing difference. Owners and trainers at their wit’s end with having exhausted all the thinkable options are finding grounding to be a breath of life into otherwise grim situations.
Grounding is a way of maintaining energy equilibrium. The Earth is known to be negatively charged while the atmosphere carries a positive charge. Lightening is an example of how electrical energy can be transferred to keep equilibrium.
About 40 years ago, a Montana electrician named Clint Ober began to consider the modern electrification of our world and the way we have become separated from the Earth through the invention of rubber soled shoes. We spend less time barefoot outdoors than ever before. We may get a chance to walk barefoot on the beach while on vacation, but our daily routines do not include physical connection with the Earth. Non-native electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in the form of cell phones, radio waves, and WiFi signals are ever present. Our opportunities to regain equilibrium are fewer. The cumulative result of this imbalance is a long list of negative health implications.
Now considered a pioneer of grounding for health benefits, Ober applied his practical knowledge as an electrician to the pursuit of a greater understanding of ways for people to tap into essential “free electrons” which are available from the atmospheric charge of the Earth’s surface. These are essential for health in the great design of bioelectrical beings. The idea is that electrons in the body act as antioxidants, and these are easily and freely available from the abundant negative charge of the Earth’s surface. Gaining these electrons helps the body runs more efficiently and reduces inflammation. Ober brought “grounding” indoors for people in the form of grounding mats and pads which are gaining popularity with people who find that grounding gives them relief from pain, hormonal challenges, and anxiety, among other problems.
There have been over 40 peer-reviewed studies in support of this. Here is one good article: “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons” and you can find many more articles here:
There are multiple videos interviews with Ober; here are just two links:
Interview with Clint Ober, 10/22/19
“Grounding and Pets” (Dr. Karen Baker/Clint Ober 9/2/13)
Here is a link to a documentary film:…
It is widely known among dairy farmers that milk production is compromised when cows graze under electric wires. Farmers have found that when they rotate grazing the same group of dairy cows though various fields, the same herd of cows give less milk when they graze in fields with overhead wires.
As Dr. Karen Baker discusses in her 9/13 interview with Clint Ober, veterinarians are finding there are a slew of health problems unique to pets that live in metropolitan areas. It’s not hard to imagine that pets that either stay strictly indoors or that wear booties on their paws when they go outside are not as healthy as their country counterparts. Lack of grounding may be an important contributing factor to this.
Like other prey animals, horses have a highly developed sense of energy perception. It is key to their survival. Today’s environment is very different from that in which they were naturally created. Like us, they now live under constant bombardment from an invisible array of frequencies from cell phones, radio waves, and WiFi signals. We ride them on artificial footing under LED lights, and stable them on rubber mats. They rarely go barefoot, but even when they do, there is an imbalance of electrical energy in their worlds.
Tad has developed a series of products that make it easy for riders to “ground” their horses and their equipment. The Freed of Charge Grounding Girth for the Thera-Tree has a cord that goes to the neutral ground in an electrical socket, after a circuit checking device has been used to be sure wiring is correct. While on crossties and wearing the Thera-Tree, the horse is gaining beneficial Far Infrared light from the Thera-Tree as well as gaining electrons through connection with the Earth’s surface. At the same time as these electrons work as antioxidants to reduce inflammation, any static or other electrical buildup the horse may be carrying is ‘discharged’ to help them regain energetic equilibrium.
Additionally, much of our equipment (bridles, saddles, pads, boots, etc.) harbors a static-like charge that horses find disruptive. For some, it is a source of constant and compounding agitation. The Freed of Charge Equine Equipment Grounding Portfolio eliminates disruptive charge from saddles, bridles, saddle pads, blankets, and other equipment. These items can be simply placed in turn on the Grounding Portfolio as part of the tacking up routine. The result is less resistance and tension in your horse and therefore a more enjoyable riding experience for both horse and rider.
‘Equine grounding’ is a new concept and it may be just in time to help horses better navigate today’s hectic energy environment. Look for some upcoming stories of specific horses with troublesome issues that grounding has helped. If you are intrigued and have questions for Tad, give him a call at 434-989-3229.

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