George Overcomes Kissing Spine with Thera-Tree®

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Meghan Kennerly recommends Thera-Tree®
The thera-tree is something truly magical. I began using the thera-tree as rehabilitation for my OTTB George who has 7 points of kissing spines. Prior to the thera-tree, George under saddle was reluctant to move forward, unable to allow contact, and very insecure about his back (porpoise bucking included). I started him wearing the thera-tree for four hour increments, twice a day (I always applied water on his back before placing the tree as well). After a few weeks of just wearing it, I lunged him and lo and behold my horse is pushing an extended trot on his own, breathing and sighing (very relaxed), and dropping his nose long and low allowing his back to stretch. Incredible. He actually wanted to work and was allowing me to access his back. George had very stereotypical OTTB behaviors such as weaving and pawing on the cross ties. Since the thera-tree, those vices are completely alleviated. He doesn’t even blink anymore when a saddle heads his direction. George’s overall demeanor became nicer and most importantly he is beginning to develop a top line now that I am able to successfully ride him. This product is so exciting and has the ability to change so many suffering horses lives. I will continue to happily spread the word because the thera-tree saved Georges life! Thank you so much to Tad for the consistent help before and after I received the product and for getting George comfortable and back to work! Truly amazing!

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