Gentle Enough for the Most Tender Moments

Thera-Tree Therapy:
Gentle Enough for the Most Tender Moments
This tender moment of a first time mother and her newborn was captured and sent to us by one of our veterinarian clients.
The Thera-Tree from
Tad Coffin Performance Saddles
works by imparting a gentle electromagnetic field of Far Infrared spectrum light, which in turn positively affects all the functions of the body on a cellular level. This is specifically accomplished by affecting the charge differential of water within the cells, making this water very efficiently bioavailable across all cellular functions. The Thera-Tree works over time like a very low-charge “trickle battery” with its own piezoelectricity that never has to be charged.
Horses can comfortably and quietly relax in the Thera-Tree and enjoy the beneficial Far Infrared ‘light’ therapy in their stalls without intrusion. It is durable enough that if horses lie down or roll over on it, there are no worries.
Thera-Tree is available on a month to month rental, contract free. If you’d like to know more about it, visit or give Tad a call at 434-989-3229.

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