Thera-Tree® for Trailering Your Horse

We received this testimonial from a customer with a Thera-Tree:

"I used the Tad Coffin therapeutic tree on a young homebred mare before and during a 13 hr trailer trip. Before the trip the mare had been loaded on the trailer several times, and been on it moving briefly once, and needless to say, had never been off the farm.

To my pleasant surprise, the mare traveled extremely well . She was calm, ate and drank well and was relaxed, ate up and lay down after she arrived . 

My many previous experiences traveling horses with such limited exposure to off farm situations, have usually been much more problematic!
-Lornie Forbes

If you'd like more information about this technology, please visit or give Tad a call at (434) 989-3229.

Facebook, March 19th 2019

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