Sweet Briar's Win with Tad Coffin Saddles and Thera-Tree®

Tad Coffin Tech congratulates Sweet Briar College’s Riding Program for their win at 2019 Old Dominion Athletic Conference competition. The equestrian portion of “ODACs” is hotly contested by collegiate riding programs in Virginia every Spring. The format of this collegiate event is for each school to bring their best four horses and riders to compete in a hunter seat equitation format over two courses and a flat phase. This year the event was hosted at Bridgewater College in Weyers Cave, Va.

SBC’s Director of Riding Mimi Wroten, who also won ODAC Coach of the Year for the fourth time in her career, has a clear understanding of what Tad Coffin saddles and Smart Ride Rx technology can do for the horses in the SBC program. Mimi has spearheaded the effort to secure upwards of 14 of Tad's saddles over the past 5 years for the horses to be ridden in. She has worked closely with Tad to upgrade older saddles with the newest technology and to keep newer ones in top working order through regular maintenance.

Mimi has been at the forefront of witnessing how much positive impact Tad's saddle can have on variety of horses and riders over an extended period of time. Better performances, sounder horses, lower maintenance costs and vet bills are evidence-based indications that the choice of saddles makes a significant difference.

The SBC horses also stay relaxed and receive restorative health benefits from wearing the Thera-Tree® as part of their programs back in the stable.

To see what Smart Ride Rx technology in Tad’s latest saddles and in the Thera-Tree® can do for horses in your program, visit the websites www.tadcoffinsaddles.com and www.thera-tree.com or give Tad a call directly at (434) 989-3229.

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