Could Thera-Tree Help Resolve Anhidrosis in Horses?

“The more days in a row he wears the Thera-Tree, the better he sweats.” -M. Walker

 Only a small percentage of horses are diagnosed with anhidrosis. However, as they have a hard time thermoregulating their body temperature, it can be a very serious problem. Horsemen who have managed “no sweaters” will tell you that often the best thing to do is to move the horse to live in a cooler climate, as there are not many effective treatments for the condition. Riding horses with anhidrosis in hot and humid climates requires careful planning to keep them cool enough, such as hosing them off before and after exercise and working them early or late in the day when conditions are more temperate. It is necessary to closely monitor their vital signs so that they do not overheat, and it is a real emergency if they do.

 The Thera-Tree is having an immediate and significant impact on horses with this condition. They produce sweat within their first session wearing it. While we're not sure exactly why, we do know that one of the principal effects of the Thera-Tree is that it improves hydration. Water is key to the cellular functioning of every system of the body including the digestive, lymphatic, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems. The Thera-Tree normalizes sweating, perhaps because the body is able to use water more efficiently.

 Thera-Tree customers report that their horses have a better overall ability to manage heat and humidity. We get reports about performance horses who are less stressed and drink better while traveling and competing away from home, as well as stories like this gelding’s who struggled with anhidrosis until the Thera-Tree became part of his program:

 “Just wanted to give you a quick update on Butters and the anhidrosis! Butters just finished a 3 day-long horse show with feels-like temps being over 100° every day. During the horse show he had ride times at 11 o’clock and 2 o’clock in the afternoon and was able to sweat the best he has ever sweated. He has been wearing the Thera-Tree almost daily for the past two months, sometimes for only 20 minutes or sometimes for several hours. We have noticed a cumulative affect with it. The more days in a row he wears it, the better he sweats. If he goes a day or two without it, while he will still sweat, he does not sweat as effectively and it will decrease over time if he does not start wearing it again. He has not had to be put on any medication or supplements for anhidrosis, uses only the Thera-Tree. Butters has been able to be ridden in temperatures over 90° and produces a normal amount of sweat now. He even produced sweat on his face, something he has not done since I have owned him.” -Melissa Walker

 Tad says “The horses that are experiencing this technology in the Thera-Tree and the saddle seem to have a cooler and more efficient operating system. There is much to learn about the biological mechanism that triggers the sweat gland to produce sweat. For something so common, it is poorly understood. The Thera-Tree is a different and effective tool in dealing with horses that have anhidrosis or otherwise need help to normalize their sweating. Horses like Butters and others are certainly responding very well to it.”

 To understand more about how this device improves hydration, we cite the works of Professors Gerald Pollack and Stephanie Seneff and their investigation of a fourth phase of water which has unique, life sustaining properties. Our hypothesis is that the combination of materials, geometry and processes in the Thera-Tree and in the SmartRide Rx saddle tree create an electromagnetic field in the Far Infrared spectrum which in turn, creates an abundance of this fourth phase water, a more biologically available state of water.

 There are links on our website if you’d like to explore more about the discoveries of new properties of water here: Melissa Holland, DVM, DACVA has written about fourth phase water, cellular charge, and protein folding in her paper “Observations After a Year with SmartRide Rx” which can be accessed by visiting www.tadcoffinsaddles/research.

 If you’d like to know more or have questions about the Thera-Tree, which is a wireless, portable therapeutic device based on the same technology as the SmartRide Rx saddle tree, please call Tad Coffin at (434)989-3229

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