Blue Bloods Throroughbred Adoption & Placement Demo Rescheduled to Oct 2nd!

Blue Bloods Thoroughbred Adoption & Placement, Inc. is excited to host Olympic gold medalist Tad Coffin for a discussion and demonstration of his latest SmartRide RxTM saddle technology, which has demonstrated a consistent ability to reduce back pain, stress, and anxiety in many horses, leading to optimized performance. This same technology is in his new therapeutic device, the Thera-Tree®, which is helping horses across a variety of riding disciplines.

• Tad will discuss and demonstrate the benefits of the Thera-Tree® and his saddles with SmartRide Rx technology, in addition to some of his latest discoveries.
• Tad will ride a select group of horses and demonstrate how these technologies affect positive changes in the horses’ mental and physical wellbeing and performance.

Blue Bloods TB Adoption & Placement, Inc.

Friday Oct 2, 2020 1-4 PM

2305 NC Hwy. 62 North Blanch, NC 27212

RSVP: Steph Mace (434) 770-5347 ~

About Tad Coffin: Tad Coffin is uniquely qualified to discuss issues inherent to saddle design, performance and manufacturing. Under the training of Jack LeGeoff, and at the age of 21, Tad won two gold medals in three day eventing with his mount Bally Cor at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. In addition to his riding expertise, Tad has been involved in saddle design for 40 years, with 28 years of experience engineering and innovating improvements in saddle technology. Through his years of research, Tad is convinced that a new and exciting narrative exists in our discussion of saddles, saddle fit, and equine wellbeing. For more information give Tad a call (434) 989-3229 or visit our websites:

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